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Once Upon A Time Comes More Than Once

Everyone has one. Everyone needs one. And although yours and mine are dramatically sealed away, they remain wonderfully accessible. They are known as memory banks, for these guarded sanctums allow you and me to deposit and withdraw as much of our life story as we need. A need especially felt whenever the seasons change on... Read more »

Doubts...? Of Course You Have Doubts...!

It’s called by many names — “The dark night of the soul,” “A crisis of faith,” “The terror.” Each a cluster of words trying desperately to express the horror of it all. More specifically, the horror that sometimes catches up with us in life, whispering into our hearts that everything we once believed is no... Read more »

"Ignore That Man Behind The Curtain...!"

In the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ that man was Frank Morgan, known locally as the Great Wizard. Turns out Dorothy and her friends eventually learn there is nothing else behind that curtain. Kinda what Carl Sagan said and what Neil deGrasse Tyson is repeating in the fascinating “COSMOS” series on television. They do a dazzling job... Read more »

Echoes In The Hills

ECHOES IN THE HILLS The traveler had never found himself this far before, surely not this late in the season. In his farm flat American Midwest, journeys like his meet few mountains; more likely lenient slopes and lush hills inviting you to tread easily among their subtle inclines. Yet always this beckoning, this near-far siren... Read more »