What Happens To You About Age 26? Not What You Expected!

It’s said by the time we reach 26, our physical prowess starts to peak. In compensation, our mental prowess starts to accelerate. One example is how we now begin asking ourselves more questions. No longer feeling quite so sure and indestructible, we start wondering: Why is this happening to me? why is adulthood so much more complicated than childhood? how did I get here so fast? where do I fit into this world?

Which is about the same time we start noticing all those pricey how-to books in the stores, and all those inspirational programs on PBS. Most everyone over 26 begins wondering and worrying about the same things you are. Including the $64,000 question: What’s our future going to be?

Different experts have different ways of tackling this question. Polls…surveys….research….surveillance. Among such conventional tools there are our national television habits. What we watch and like and approve. That in turn leads directly into an enormously mixed bag of viewer options. At one time in the mid-20th C we had six or seven channels about 10-12 hours a day. Gradually we added more networks and more hours so that by today the viewing bag has ballooned into scores of networks, hundreds of cable channels, plus a gazillion choices via DVR.

How in the name of Mr Gallup and his poll-taking peers can we find any one single choice which represents the vast vast majority of a very very diverse population….?

Put it this way. We probably know what we SHOULD choose [something appropriately classy, glossy and intelligent]. On the other hand, the only program which year after year wins hands down among White & Black, Young & Old, Male and Female, WASP & Redneck is the Super Bowl!

Take from that extraordinary fact whatever extraordinary conclusions you may, only remember this my fellow students of history: Rome’s passionate love of its bloody gladiatorial sports peaked just about the same time its costly and exhausted empire did. Weary from the real thing, it seemed easier to simply simulate the real thing from the comfort of their version of a sky box.

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