We've Finally Reached The Point When Less Really Is More

May I be honest with you?’ More’ has become an Americanized word…an American way of life…a mantra by which everyone from Wall Street to Main Street to your company sales department likes to live by.

But I’m here to tell you ‘more’ cannot only become an obsession, it can eventually degenerate into a national gluttony which clutters virtually every good thing it touches. Like our cars which now feature dozens of gleaming dials and screens in the dashboard….television sets whose remotes now force upon us a splash of controls so exotic they’re almost imposable to use….smartphones now with maybe too much smarts to them…planes now equipped with far too many movie, phone and computer devices…produce departments which now bulge with more choices than I can spell let alone digest.

So OK this is a rant which may sound ungrateful. Not really.

In place of ‘more’ how about a simple ‘yes.’ Yes, to the enormous benefits of our technological age…Yes, to the value-added new models…Yes, to the innovators always looking for new ideas….but No, to more just for the sake of more….and No, to the next guy who plans to improve classics like THE WIZARD OF OX, GONE WITH THE WIND, New York’s sky line, the King James version of the Bible, and my aging body.

You see, after awhile the impulse to make-it-bigger-and-make-it-better is understood as just that. An impulse more than an inspiration….

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