Right Now I'm Imagining A World Of Gay Men In Political Power

The struggle for gay rights has made some big gains, but there is at least one battle yet to be won: Politics. Our Puritanical culture has gradually learned to accept gays in the theater, movies, literature, music, TV, even sports. However, it is still a headline-maker and career-breaker in politics,

How incredibly illogically silly!

I am not gay, but I have come to agree with most women who feel gay men are especially likable and trustable, sensitive and compassionate, use brains rather than brawn to resolve differences. I mean, the days of the strong, silent, tall-in-the-saddle John Wayne’s and Clint Eastwood’s are now seen for what they really were: self-conscious males vicariously asserting their untested masculinity through the exploits of such fictional icons.

Again — how incredibly illogically silly!

Image with me how many family breakups, pistol duels, wars, genocides and other such historical confrontations might have been avoided if the men in charge had not been weapons-waving male egotists, but rather senitivity-equipped homosexuals. I mean, can you ever in your ride-em-cowboy life imagine gays like Michelangelo, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal orTruman Capote declaring wars and dispatching special ops teams at the least provocation?

I can’t.

Is such an imaginary future possible? Not likely. More’s the pity, because the human race — stained with war causalities in the hundreds of millions — will never know what might have been. What could have been. Perhaps what should have been.

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