Here's An Idea ~ Don't Give Up Salt, Give Up Reading About Salt

It seems like the media love to pile on the bad news. Approaching snow storms… melting ice caps…polluted water…gang violence…and every list’s favorite no-no: Salt.

No surprise, Harvard immunologists recently warned usthat too much salt as in fast food diets increases our body’s Th17 cells. It’s hard to explain their conclusions, but it’s easy to get their message. These cells aggravate conditions like arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. So resist your natural craving for salt.

That’s easy because, if nothing else, we’ve heard it so often.

However, 2013 has added to the list. With what appears to be almost no little glee, the lab gang from Harvard tells us there are still more dangers to be avoided. Never, I notice, are these dangers easy to avoid. Say like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and colonoscopies. Instead the experts keep warning us: if-you-enjoy-it-stop-using-it!

Among last year’s newest no-no’s: Facebook [using it too much can lead to depression]…staying indoors [doing that too much can trigger myopia]…Tylenol [for the good it does for your headaches, be warned what it can do fo your liver]…energy drinks [more than 20,000 users reported to ER’s with over-active heartbeats]….marrying the wrong person [studies among thousands of couples reveal that bad matches inevitably lead to greater chances for depression]

Here’s how one over-read citizen thinks about all these health warnings. If reading them day after day drives you a little crazy…. stop reading them. That may not help your health, but it sure might let you sleep better at night

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