Damn...! Just Look What Tylenol And The Taliban Have Done To Us

Not too long ago, things were just fine. Not perfect, but perfectly livable. Then out of nowhere came the great Tylenol scare followed by the horrific Taliban scare. No, they’re not exactly comparable; but each has had a comparably disruptive impact on our daily lives.

Let this impacted fellow citizen explain:

* When the public learned some crazies were spiking Tylenol bottles with poison, the nation panicked. So did the manufactures. Result? Tough new package security on all Tylenol bottles. Which was just fine with us until….that’s right, until every manufacturer went nuts with trying to outdo one another’s security measures. Now what 330 million Americans have been left with is the most absolutely crazy collection of security locks, hermetically sealed wrappings, double-coated plastic shields and protected containers in the history of the Industrial Revolution!

I don’t know about you, but I have to devote a wild-eyed minimum of 4-5 minutes before I can reach an aspirin! gulp a beer! open a cereal! unpack a DVR! or puncture a vegetable bag! Talk about counter-productive ideas.

* Later when the public was tutored in the “first war of the 21st century” [AKA, terrorism] somehow the entire culture shifted gears so that security was now the new mantra. Not only do we secure every product on the shelf, we’ve created and lionized vast security apparatuses. Just try going to a movie or reading a book that doesn’t feature the FBI! the CIA! Navy Seals! SWAT teams! drones! and assorted military/paramilitary heroes and villains. Cowboys & Indians? Cops & Robbers? Hey, we’ve got a whole new age of plots that have turned George Orwell’s prediction of a police state into a Hollywood reality.

All I really want to do is once more be able to reach an aspirin fast enough to handle my headache….

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