A Question For You Atheists Who Get The NY Times

Among the givens among today’s IQ Elite: (1) the New York Times is the best paper to read (2) the position of the Atheist is the best to hold. If you agree, today’s January 7 edition of the paper’s “Science Times” raises answers that raises a big question atheists alone may be best equipped to address:

* the answers are tucked inside an elegantly written commentary entitled ‘The Brain, In Exquisite Detail’…simmered down, these answers lay out a detailed map of our remarkably complex brain… whereas ancient societies like the Egyptians threw away the brain after death and focused on the heart, science has demonstrated the brain is what defines us, drives us, determines us… neuroscience research explains how our brain lobes and circuits and chemicals each interact in ways that help determine our everyday behaviors from what we eat and who we marry, to how we vote and why I respond to Mozart while you respond to Hamlish

* the big question it raises but chooses not to address, is this ~ if my brain is supreme in fathoming my behaviors and my persona, what or who is responsible for my brain….Religionists say God; Scientists say evolution; that may leave it to Atheists to have the final word….unlike Religionists, the Atheists do not allow faith to get in the way of their thinking, and unlike Scientists, the Atheists are at least willing to consider the god-question as part of the discussion

So, by my calculations, the Atheists here are remarkably well situated to take on the big question of what or who is responsible for my brain. It’s too cold to go outside, so I’ll be staying inside waiting to read your thoughts from your brain to mine

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