Your First Trick Question For Your New Year

Here’s your first trick question for 2014: If people from 500 years ago were to see the world today, what would be their first reaction….?

The trick is that I don’t really know anymore than you do. However, my best guess is the vast majority of them [the 99%] would take one look around and think: “Gee, everyone looks so beautiful!”

True, the 1% 500 years ago looked beautiful too; that’s because they had the wherewith all to pretty themselves up. But the 99% back then [and still today] simply don’t have the money or the time to beautify themselves day after day. Result? Our visitors would probably notice that most Westerners most of the time look cleaner, better groomed and maybe even more stylish than in the 16th C.

Rather than dispute my statistically-challenged argument, accept it for a moment. Accept it just enough to see with me a West in which the beautiful people seem to be everywhere. On the boulevards…in the fine eateries…shopping in the malls…dressed for work…attending evening events…on television….in the movies….at the anchor desks…grinning on commercials. Well, you get the idea.

Everywhere we look in our sophisticated 21st C West we seem to be looking at the beautiful people. More than at any other time in history. If so, and I submit that it is so, here’s the bottom-line question:

Just how does the human race survive this first-of-its-kind-in-history challenge to our pride? Put simply, how do you and I get through each day intimidated by growing hordes of the beautiful people making us feel this twinge of inferiority every time we behold them?

By the way, if you feel no such twinge, good for you. You are one of the beautiful people!

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