Why Some Scientists Resent Being Told By God They Have A Soul

Can I name some specific scientists who say they resent God? Surely not. Whereas science at one time in history had things to say about God, modern science tends to dismiss such “fantasies.” Especially neurobiologists are loath to rely on any kind of deity to help them explain us to us. After all, they now have an impressive legion of explanations in our various lobes, circuits, cells, genes and DNA.

If these scientific thinkers are at one extreme — imputing we are simply advanced forms of evolved primeval slime — the other extreme are the Bible-thumping fundamentalists who assert we are the direct handiwork of a personal creator-god. Can’t there be a rational middle ground?

There is. It’s sometimes called evolution-by-God. Here serious thinkers from the ranks of both science and religion conflate the two by simply yet brilliantly suggesting both evolution and God are true, the first having initially been triggered by the second. Like all middle-grounds, there’s enough intellectual acreage here on which both extreme can comfortably stand. And even share.

For those too happy living-my-life to be interested in why they have life in the first place….well, this discussion has no value. But for the others, it may be a bridge across a gap that has yawned beneath our lives far too long. Lately we are even told by researchers that the meaning-of-life has once more become a priority among today’s generation of Millennials.

Ohh, but no need to wax theological here. Simply think of it this way. Whenever you hear the music of a Bach, Mozart or Lerner & Lowe, you can think of it in one of two ways. The way I do is to experience the magic and mystery of a long-dead genius whose lyrical expressions speak to me from far beyond the grave of his mortal remains. The other way might be to experience the impressive recreation of the notes from a long-dead fellow mass of DNA which has surviveb by the skills of modern technology.

Same music, but two starkly different ways of experiencing it. One is to marvel at the eternal soul of its composer. The other way is to marvel at the eternal genius of technology.

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