Toys-R-Us...New Icon For The New America GI's Are Asked To Die For

The issue here is more than Toys-R-Us. It’s what glitzy, big-box emporiums like this represent. I beg your pardon, but they don’t represent the American way of life as much as the American grab of life. It says stuff is what life is all about, and the one with the most stuff when they die is the winner.

Naturally, you and I know better, right? We know there has to be more to life than just Stuff. Gosh, we often think this very thought while in line at aToys-R-Us. But who are we kidding? We Americans like stuff. We have from the very beginning when we started taking stuff from the Native Americans. Turns out those who have been taking the most stuff have often become our most honored fellow citizens. Like Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Trump, Madoff….oops, scratch that last one.

This is not meant to be just another 99 percenter bitching about the 1 percenters. Because even the 99 can’t deny that Capitalism and Consumerism drive the economic engine of America. Nor can we deny this engine provides jobs and homes and cars and GNP. However, here’s something else this engine provides. A mighty incentive to keep generating more and more stuff requiring less and less workers.

Granted, that last statement sounds like some angry 99% picketer outside some 1% banking house in Manhattan. The thing is, the picketer is right. Take one simple case study” Gillette shaving blades. This company has been around for more than 100 year selling the very same slice of steel. Simple…basic… uncomplicated…and always and forever the very same product. The only thing that’s different is: (1) they keep coming up with another name or color and package while buying up every single patent from every single innovator who may have otherwise given us guys a better way to shave, and (2) they keep generating more and more blades with less and less workers.

See how that works? When — god bless your courage — you join the Army to defend the American-way-of-life, some Americans are doing very well; while the rest of us are still nicking our face in the morning almost the very same way our ancestors were doing a thousand years before the Gillette Brothers.

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