Snuggling Becomes Illegal Just In Time For Christmas

In their native wisdom a pair of young women in Madison, Wisconsin decided to open what they called The Snuggle House. A comfortable setting which charged guests $60 an hour for “hugging with a professional cuddler.” These enterprising young capitalists said to the world: We feel your pain.

When you think about it, who among us doesn’t yearn for some tender physical reassurances at times. If not the ever-comforting arms of mom, then some alternative comfort that might substitute for that long ago maternal cocoon. It’s intuitive for the adult to miss what he or she left behind with their childhood.

Who among us hasn’t sometime felt like a kid-at-heart, especially during these Christmasy days when all of life seems to turn into a castle for kids?

And yet there was little appreciation for this idea at the local city hall. Indignant citizens who apparently need no comforting reported the Snuggle House as a brothel. They wanted it closed. The city agreed, Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Zilary said: “I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle.” Chances are she’s right. Exactly what forensic evidence she produced for her decision was not immediately reported.

I’m thinking the 14 snugglers, whose names were withheld, took exception to Ms Zilary’s definition of their profession. As one of them said: “We were just filling in for wives too busy to snuggle.” A charge that could be the subject for an appeal. Especially inamuch as Ms Zilary’s boss is a man.

Details to follow….

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