Merry Christmas ~ There Really Is Something New Under The Sun

Lets face it, we shrug off any chances for anything really new-under-the-sun, because in all these years virtually nothing has been new. Examined carefully, it’s always been around forever, just dressed up with a new name, place, or twist. Honestly, a great new bridge is just a new bridge…a cheered new president is just another new president…a stunning new murder, gang, quarterback, terrorist or even Christmas morning is just another version of what’s been making news from day one.

Ahh, but here’s where we might find something truly new-under-our-sun. I’m talking about the news itself. The business of reporting the news. If the news is the same-old-same-old — and I say it is — then perhaps what we need is a new way of reporting it. Not lying, you understand, but giving the same-old-same-old a fresh coat of creative journalism. Let me illustrate by re-writing some typical lead-ins:

* “Another teenage bystander killed in neighborhood gang war.”

* “Gutless gang members flee the scene of another teen killing while neighbors meet with police to map new ways of keeping their community safer.”

* “Council member indicted for graft .”

* “Council member indicted for graft as the Council looks for ways to immediately terminate all benefits for anyone under indictment.”

* “Wall Street hits new high.”

* “Wall Street hits new high while unemployed workers open a new blog site where readers can find details for collective actions that can be taken to narrow this economic gap.”

* “Bears collapse.”

* “Bears players take coaches off the hook for their collapse, asking for an extra day of drills.”

As a one-time reporter, I’ve always found something fresh and hopeful hidden inside each story. There is no reason to let the reader simply wallow in the bad when there may be something good happening in the wake of the bad. Dig a little deeper, fellas, and help us sense the good stuff that’s trying to swallow the bad.The ‘news’ need not be a bitter drumbeat of humanity’s spiral downward when there are untold tales of hope that need to be told.

After all, that’s exactly how the Gospels reported the story of the Nativity…

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