Listen My Friend, You Really Don't Want To Know Everything She Or He Is Thinking

How many times did I look into her Mona Lisa eyes and wonder what the-girl-of-my-dreams was dreaming? Turns out that over a six-year career of twentysomething dating, I never did find out. Until at last I met the girl whose dreams I discovered were the very same as mine.

However, such little romances are of little interest to the larger dreams of serious evolutionists who are trying to speed up and re-calibrate the process of natural selection. When you think about it, their dream is hardly new. The only difference is that now the re-calibraters are working with genetics rather than blood. Whereas families once checked family bloodlines before approving marriages, now we are checking genomes.

One way to describe this is the way the infamous Gestapo Head Heinrich Himmler described it: “Applied biology.” In his case not simply studying human evolution, but manipulating it in ways that could produce a “super race.” Eugenics was popular even before the Nazis, articulated and funded by such prestigious institutions as the Carnegie Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation. Recently it has transformed itself from a sinister to a visionary image.

The vision today is to save lives by re-arranging genes. In the process of such research we are also learning how to access the mind, our thinking, and perhaps even that last bastion of human privacy our memories. We are told this is the next logical leap by mankind. Having already explored outer space, our next and greatest frontier is inner space.

Bottom line ~ humanity once more stands on the edge of an Impossible Dream. Like Columbus hoisting sail in 1492 for the geographic unknown, geneticists today are on the edge of the human unknown. Are we ready…? That’s something like asking yourself: Do I really want to know what everyone in this room is really thinking right now…?

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