Just When You Thought Life Couldn't Get More Complicated ~ They Mess With Your Sex

Next time you kiss someone, I wouldn’t count on knowing who you just kissed.

The ‘they’ in this heading is the American Psychiatric Association’s prestigious MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS. The 2013 edition has re-categorized trans-sexuals as suffering not from “gender identity disorder [as previously stated] but from gender dysphoria.” In layman’s terms, this mental disorder lies not in believing that you’re a different gender, but in the suffering caused by this belief.

Although it is said some mammals “can change gender opportunistically,” only about 1% of humans are considered inter-sexual with ambiguous genitalia. So we’re talking about a pretty small number of people you’re going to meet at next week’s Bears game or Christmas party.

Still, the APA’s manual is a reminder that nature does not always produce exact copies on its assembly lines. There are more variations-on-a-theme than a Bach fugue, and it’s a good idea to respect that reality. Which is, I guess, why Bellevue College in Washington State now prints application forms with seven — count them all you M/F habituates! — seven choices for your gender: Feminine, Masculine, Androgynous, Trans-gender, Gender-Neutral, Other, and Prefer Not To say.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Gratefully, society has moved past the times when any deviation from the so-called norm was dismissed by one’s peers as “Queer,” “Homo,” “Dike,” “Psycho,” and worse. That’s progress! But now there remains at least one more step by man, leap by mankind, and category at Bellevue College. It’s time we admitted that now we live with an eighth category: The Computer. A species that already outnumbers the members of our human species by the millions, with capacities far more than any of us seven billions can match.

Behold the computer ~ the brilliant offspring itching to master the dazzled parent.

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