Just In ~ Science Sorta Saves Santa!

Have you noticed lately how there is a new neuroscience breakthrough reported every few weeks? Often in professional journals and the New York Times. This Sunday the Times published another one which seems to be reassuring young mothers about telling their children wonderful Santa tales. Once again, it has something to do with the human brain. You know, that fascinating organ of lobes and chemicals and electricity that we are told pretty much makes us who we are.

Let me come at this as a layman who admits that all this neuroscience research seems to be focusing on our parts, not the sum of our parts known as the whole….seems to be inferring the child is her brain and her brain is the child….seems to be saying that bottom line all that matters in this life is matter….that seems to be leaving little room for anything [or anyone] besides our evolved physicality.

Now if that sounds like this layman is sneaking in the God Thing, well maybe I am. Look, if neuroscience is currently willing to allow for the value of a Santa, at the very least [or most] it should be able to allow for the transcendent possibility of a first-cause-higher-power.

Especially, gentlemen, at Christmastime!

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