If You Hate Snakes, You'll Resent This

There are at least two ways of looking at the coming Christmas season. Either it’s a special day in honor of humanity’s redeemer, or it’s another day in the long evolution of our species on planet Earth.

(1) Evolutionary researchers have pretty much decided that who, what and why we are is based on the proven fact that we evolved like every other living species from the organic slime [ or stardust if you have a poetic flair ] of the Earth. To nail this fact ever tighter, some recently asserted that snakes were one of the main reason our species evolved good eyesight, as it was in response to the dangers lurking in the hard-to-detect underbrush where snakes hide. [ See Professor Lynne Isbell of the University of California for reptilian details ].

No one is questioning Isbell’s facts, but some of her colleagues might reasonably ask of her how she explains Christmastime to her children when in evolutionary terms her children are essentially no more than highly sophisticated primeval slime [or stardust ]. In other words, whence all the hubbub about Nativities, Santa’s, and other such fantasies? Are not they actually cruel delusions in the face of fascinating facts? [ See the 1947 movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ for mushy details ]

(2) In contrast, we have the Kris Kringle’s of the world who, in face of the biological facts, still seem to find Christmastime not only a bright but believable moment in an otherwise dark world. These folks have been around both before and after Darwin, yet somehow persist in their hopes that we are more than evolved slime [ or stardust ] in the narrative of this planet.

Can these two equally sincere legions ever find common ground…? Maybe waiting in line with their kids to see Kris this year.

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