Don'T Look Now But You're Losing The Race. I Know Because So Am I

It’s probably safe to say that right here and now you and I are both in a race for our life.

Along with seven billion other earthlings from Chicago to Cairo to Cape Town. According to the holy books [which now includes the Gospel of Darwin] every living thing is in a state of complex change. Evolution for short.

But now 150 years after Darwin, there’s some breaking news from the front you and I can’t afford to ignore. Humanity’s unbroken record of evolutionary progress is being threatened. And by some rather serious and surprising rivals. First, by the animal kingdom, which for so long we’ve considered belonged only in our zoos. Second, by the computer kingdom, which has only been in this race with us for a short but stunning time.

* When it comes to the animal kingdom we no longer think of them simply as prey or pets. Serious anthropological studies have made us aware we may be only a few genes apart from many of our evolutionary racers such as the baboon, the dolphin oh and the fruit fly.

Two recent reports caught my eye as I breathlessly looked over my shoulder. Zoologists in Florida recently reported crocodiles and alligators balancing twigs on their snouts to catch birds seeking nest-building materials. Zounds…! I’m told this is the first time reptiles have ever been observed using tools. That, my friends, is evolutionary progress of no small importance, because already the ape family has learned the same skill.

* As for the computer kingdom, well need I say more. Those glitzy little handheld widgets and wonders have been expanding their own list of skills at stunning exponential rates. So much so that all that sci-fi tales about thinking/feeling computers have become far more sci than fi. One look in you local Radio Shack will not only astound you, it may annihilate you; or at least your role anywhere in today’s work place


Bottom line, you and I are in the race of our life which may soon make the competition among our cave dwelling ancestors look easy. If so…damn, I want to know what happened to all those laurels I was resting on all these years.

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