World's 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed By National Geo. You Are The 101st

In this month’s National Geographic, they illustrate what they consider our 100 greatest mysteries.That’s a storyline which may not be a conversation starter with the drinker next to you, but it’s guaranteed to catch the eyes of some airport browsers. Who doesn’t love a mystery?

The editors made some nifty choices: How Did The Universe Begin… How Will It End…How Did They Build The Great Pyramids…Stonehenge… Atlantis…Mayans…Easter Island…Jamestown Slate…Lost Tribe of Israel..Shroud of Turin…Holy Grail…Noah’s Ark…UFOs…Garden of Eden…Bermuda Triangle…Why We Yawn…Why We Sleep…Why We Still Go To Cub Games.

Alright, that last one is mine.

Turns out the magazine furiously whets our curiosity gene on each page, then sorta satisfies it with the same device they use on he history-channels. With a series of maybe-yes-maybe-no-but-anything’s-possible. [Good way to keep the mysteries alive long enough for another edition next year].

However, it’s my belief they left out another mystery on their list. That 101st mystery which is each and every one of us on the planet. Not that we’re so remarkable, but we are like the mystery of the snowflake: Not one of us is exactly like any other. We are each a mysterious unrepeatable act of God [Evolution, if you prefer]. Our particular mix of billions of molecules, DNA, genes and consciousness is , so far, nowhere else to be found.

Let me add an epilogue to the National Geographic. From the wobbly perspective of my advanced years, I believe there’s one more mystery/conspiracy they might have mentioned. It’s the way today’s world is relentlessly squeezing us elders to the margins of the cool culture. I mean, otherwise why does the world continue to produce widgets we can’t figure out, cans and boxes we can’t open, and conversations on television we can’t hear?

I may sound a little paranoid. Come to think of it, I am.

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