When We Lit That First Bonfire, We Had No Damn Idea What We Had Started

So there we [humanity] were one day, just walking down this forest trail when we came upon this lightening fire. After a stupid while, we finally got the hang of this thing; and darned if we haven’t been coming up with amazing new things ever since. Each one of these discoveries/inventions is a little bigger than the last. Making us [humanity] a little smaller by contrast.

Get the picture.

Little us slowly, painfully keep evolving from our primeval slimeness with one new breakthrough after the other. The wheel…the saddle…the plow…the gun…the cannon…the atom…the Internet. Each another form of power so vast and unpredictable we find ourselves using it in all sorts of unpredictable ways for both good and for ill.

These whirling clusters of raw power have propelled us to higher and higher plateaus of achievement. So that by this century, we seem close to our historic dream of master-of-all-we-survey. [Well, with the notable and sobering exception of raw nature]. Why, we have even amassed global mechanisms like international banking networks, surveillance satellites, and air & sea fleets which have packaged so much power in the hands of so few that one might say [and some do] we have in effect become the only God we need.

Talking about what can happen with too much power, there is the classic East Indian tale of the native who had been mesmerized by the awe of the great Bengal Tiger. Until one special day, the native at last caught hold of and mounted the Tiger. As the report goes, neither has been seen again….

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