Wanna Be Big On The TV Talk Circuit? Define Life For Us In One Soundbyte

The talk-circuit on television is big business for the networks. These are low-cost productions that get big viewership for their every-11-minute-commercials. Morning, afternoon or late-night, these talking-heads programs just need a few big names on their marquee.

Lets forget for the moment the usual suspects like Henry Kissinger, Tom Hanks, Barbara Streisand, Chris Christie and Donald Trump. You, my friend, could be the next big name if first you write a best-selling, how-to book something like “Opening The Last Seal In The Ark Of The Covenant.”

Catchy title with subliminal promises for a life of endless bliss. But you gotta make the book’s payoff easy to embrace. How about this for your message? “Life is a series of trade-offs.” A pithy, one-word hook for people to hang their existence on whenever choosing a mate, a career, a neighborhood, an investment, or whatever will have consequences. “Trade-off” pretty much fits each and every situation you face, because every choice you make has them. Has the assets and the debits, the advantages and the disadvantages, the gains and the losses.

Classic example? Today’s educated young women who want-it-all, but eventually learn you may have to give something up [raising your child at home] as a trade-off for getting what you want [a promotion at work]. That doesn’t have to mean you can’t have it all, just not all at once.

Other examples of trade-offs are all around us. With the advantage of The Pill has come the disadvantage of more pregnancies and sexual coercion among teens…with the assets of Social Media, the easier gangs can coordinate their actions…with the economy of trimming teacher salaries, cities like Detroit now have many of them moonlighting as “sugar babies”…a treaty with Iran might calm the Middle East at the expense of great Islamic influence.

Hey, even the Big Man had a trade-off to face when He first created human beings for the Garden of Eden. He had to choose to make Man or Woman first. Yeah, I know what the Bible says, but remember it was written by a Man. So we may never really know the back story to that trade-off.


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