News From The Front ~ Once-Upon-A-Time Comes More Than Once

The romantic in us says there was this once-upon-a-time precious to our life. A Christmas morning …a summer picnic…a concert…a girl…a guy…a sky.

The pragmatic in us probably says: Not really, because there-are-always-more-and-better-like-these waiting for us.

The romantic insists their once-upon-a-times sit atop little pedestals in their heart. The pragmatic insists they can always build new and better pedestals. The pragmatists are usually the restless innovators among us passionately discontent with what was and is, aspiring to create what is new and better.

The Bible catches the cadence of this reality. “Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” [Acts 2:17]

This reality is one of the dynamic tensions that threads itself throughout each new generation. The dreamers are usually too many to be remembered; the visionaries, far more rare, are among those everyone remembers. If we put this into other terms, we might say this dynamic is like playing Defense and Offense in football. One holding on, the other pressing on.

If so, the conclusion is obvious. Both are needed. Just exactly when and how is what helps determine the score….

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