Large Or Little, Preposterous Or Perky, Your Nose Is Your Radar System To The World

People spend a remarkable amount of time and money on their noses. Some noses are near perfect; others, near disasters. The female of the species is especially burdened by the look of their nose, because in the West we’ve been conditioned to expect feminine beauty include great hair, glistening complexion, full lips and perfectly shaped noses.

History has apparently done little good by reporting that great beauties like Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, and the Mona Lisa actually featured less-than-perfect noses.

However, the issue here is not form as much as function. Our noses were given to the rest of our face as a kind of radar system. They are often our first contact with the world around us. Think of what happens with that first whiff of a freshly mowed lawn…a forest…a seashore…a library …a hospital…a steak dinner …an open fire…your favorite perfume or aftershave.

What we smell powers its way directly into our sensory system. No need to translate it, analyze it, process it. It slams into our consciousness immediately. Directly. Communicating everything from pleasure to pain and to all the emotions in between.

Perhaps the strongest of these emotions is memory. Every life from prince to pauper stores millions of sound-bytes and sight-bytes. But also smell-bytes. Think of it this way. You’re a walking depository whose bytes can be instantly withdrawn wherever and whenever you least expect it. It all begins with the nose. So take good care of it, for the two of you have some amazing sensory surprises this very day….

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