Hey, You Da Man! You Da Woman! You Da King Of The World!

Death and taxes are no longer the only sure-things in your life, my friend, because as an American there is now a third. Like it or not, you’ve become the fastest gun in town.

At first glance that has a nice feel to it. Both as a nation and as a traveler throughout the world. Sleek, slick and kinda sensational. However, we’ve all learned the fatal flaw to being a gunslinger. Anyone with a grievance or just an itch considers you a target to bring down. Gunslingers rarely rest easy until their final rest.

The point is this. The US is surely the fastest gun in town with the biggest baddest weapons ever. like the other great empires in history from Persia to Rome to Great Britain, it’s unlikely our fate will be very much different than theirs. Meaning, some day, some how, some where, some challenger will try to take us down, and take our place. It’s the eternal curse of power.

If you question this power-premise, simply look around you. Power is the name of the game…our most intoxicating high…the fuel that feeds everything from our gladiatorial sports, to our fleets of aircraft carriers and submarines, to our vast network of surveillance, to the way those in power in Washington and Hollywood have become the new high priests and love objects of the American narrative.

Sure, there is still evidence of Little Town USA. Small communities and rural settings where sleek, slick power has little meaning. Is in fact considered both silly and pretentious. But truth be told, those verdant little places are what the big boys consider fly-over country. To the big boys there is really only the power centers of the East Coast and the West Coast. And also to the rest of the world, because that’s about the only America and Americans they see.

As the therapist would say: “How does that make you feel….?

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