From Ancient Stoics To Modern Dopers, Here's A Mantra For You

The esteemed British poet T.S. Elliot was neither a Stoic nor a Doper, but he did pen a mantra you might agree with: “There is only the trying. The rest is not our business.” Or as my Sicilian ancestors would wisely shrug with their Chianti: “Que sera sera.” What will be will be.

I have no way of knowing this to be true, but I would not be surprised if a sign something like this was in the office of every world leader. Without hanging on to such enlightened fatalism, how else can they survive the angst of living with their many decisions? At some point, even the most powerful of them have learned that they actually hold very little power over this complex world. Or as George Santayana added: “There is no sure cure for birth and death, save to enjoy the interval.”

We all try. Some with resignation [Stoic], some with desperation [Doper], others with the current obsession with wellness [Workout Enthusiast]. And yet the same people await all of us in the end. The physician…the hospital…the eulogy. However, until then lets not forget that “interval.” How long and lusty it turns out to be depends to some degree on how healthy — scratch that! — how lucky we are.

In case you’re one of the wellness aficionados, here is the latest in the never-ending deluge of health reports telling us how to remain healthy — scratch that! — lucky. According to a 2013 Harvard study of 185,000 people over a 12 year period,: “Eating strawberries, oranges and peaches has no impact on a person’s likelihood to get diabetes. Blueberries have the greatest positive effects.”

So there you have It blueberry fans, you’re on the right track for a long and lusty “interval.” Oh wait!Scratch that, because an appendage to the Harvard report adds this: “Eating fruits like blueberries is good for you, but drinking juices like blueberries can be bad for you…”

The appendage is there just in case you were starting to feel the researchers were making wellness simple for you. Are you kidding? Ain’t nothing simple about our eating ever since that quack MD decided to spill the beans about our beloved fats, sodium and cholesterol!

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