Finally ~ Science Proves Crazy Sentimentalists Have Been Gloriously Right All Along

Are you ready for what will be under Christmas Trees all across the land next month….?

We’re living in an age of spectacular technologies. We’ve created virtual armies of wonders & widgets designed to serve us. Everything from Smartphones to Kindles to GPS systems all standing smugly at the ready to lead us by their digital hands into experiences ancient kings and emperors could only dream of. [As an aside, you might want to do what I do as I listen in on them at night communicating with one another when the little bastards think I’m asleep; I’m not exactly sure what they’re saying, but it sounds a lot like an army expecting to take over some morning very soon now]

OK, if that sounds like an senior paranoia, I won’t argue. Besides, I’m too busy dreading the day when the take-over finally happens.

In the meantime I take comfort in a new book, ‘ Denial: Self Deception, False Beliefs And The Origins Of The Human Mind.’ Here’s a defense for all us gushy sentimentalists who are laughed at by our hard-nosed realist friends for “living in denial,” “avoiding the facts,” “preferring fantasies to realities.”

The authors present a bold new theory that’s like a Mozart Symphony to my ears: “The success of the human animal vs the other animals on the planet comes from our singular ability to deny reality when it’s staring us in the face….instead of calculating and hesitating at impossible odds, some of us have answered the Why? with the Why Not!”

Hey, all you Quants beautifully analyzing the statistical odds to your dreams….make room for us Sentimentalists too dumb to realize what we’re dreaming can’t be done.

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