Ever Feel Like Alice Tumbling Down That Rabbit Hole...? Look Out!

As Alice was falling into it, her world changed. And just kept changing. Something like it does for you and me with each new bloody headline. Alice could no longer make heads or tails out of people, places, even her pajamas. Pretty much how you and I feel every Monday morning when we peek furtively out from our bed covers, hoping that maybe everything last week was just a bad dream.

Well, maybe it was. Bad, for sure; dream, just possibly that too.

You see, lately the world’s astrophysicists have been wrestling with new vigor and vision such mysteries as Dark Matter, Black Holes and the elusive [until now] Higgs boson. Asking themselves what and who is really real. Mere mortals like you, me, and Alice cannot quite explain what they are telling us, but this much we do know. They are among those fine minds trying to work through, maybe even out of, humanity’s rabbit hole.

They seem to be telling us that Shakespeare and the Bible were right all along when they speak of us as that “brief little candle” and that “dust to dust” that we are. Our astrophysicists speculate that what we take to be reality may not be real at all. Or that if it is real, it could be real in more ways than one. Or that it came from nowhere and is destined to end nowhere.

If you take what Science, Shakespeare and the Bible are together saying to us, it may in part be this: Take nothing for granted, little man, for you are here today and puff! gone somehow, somewhere tomorrow. In case you didn’t notice, little woman, It’s an existential world.

For those of you who like a sure thing — anchors as well as sails to your life — these reports back from the front may be unsettling. On the other hand, for those of you who prefer the spectacle of change — sails unhampered by anchors — the news here has to be appealing — nothing in this universe is written in stone, nothing or no one to hold you accountable, the name of the game is Anything Goes.

So there you have it, Alice. Don’t keep wondering how to get out of your rabbit hole, because once you do there’s another waiting for you. And another. And another…

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