When The Hell Did 9 O'clock Suddenly Become 8:59??

There’s this old old rule: Form follows function. Or is it function follows form? Whatever — the concept of “form” is always there. Always has been. And I foolishly assumed always would be.


In today’s highly relativist, I’m-my-own-north-star age, the only fixed forms left out there seem to be whatever forms anyone decides on at any given time or place. Take ancient Rome or Victorian England or even WWII America — there are always some kind of fixed formats to be found. To be followed. To hang your life on. Be it the permanent stonework of its great buildings, the solid marble of its massive statuary, the traditional notes & chords of its finest music, or the subjects & brush strokes of its best art. There is always this fixed frame-of-reference within which each succeeding generation can build.

Granted, each generation wears a different set of glasses through which it perceives its world. And so it is that each few generations bends the molds of the last. But when they out-and-out break them — today it’s called Post-Modernism — something solid is needed to fill the vacuum. In our architecture, our art, our schools, our laws, our morality and yes even our wars.

That’s the normal pattern of human progress. But come on, guys, can we at least still use the same clocks?? For instance, when a television program is scheduled for 9 o’clock, can you make sure every network gets the word?? Can I expect my 9 o’clock show or game or news to start at 9 o’clock and not willy-nilly at 8:59 or 9:01??

Not a big thing, but then again can you see our whole world suddenly deciding to start making up it’s own schedules and times and clocks?? I can and I don’t much like it….

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