Wheaties Plans On Using A Whole New 'Champion' ~ That's Right, A Swat Team

Okay, I may be wrong about this report, but it strikes me as the only logical next step in their Breakfast-Of-Champions campaign. Here, let me explain….

Many careers ago I worked as a copywriter for the agency that represented Pep Flakes. Pep was the same damn thing as Wheaties, only without the big-names ad campaign. So we plotted a counter move. Hire some alternate athletes, then use the headline: Champions-Are-Changing.

Our little coterie of mad-men figured the gimmick would be a winner. Turns out our bosses said no, so America will never know if Pep might have caught up to Wheaties. [Pep has long since faded into wheatland oblivion]. However, now some 60 years later, my copywriter’s instincts have an even better idea. Why not have Wheaties stop with the pretty boy/girl athletes, and instead use America’s newest, biggest, grandest “champion” of them all. The all-American, black-hooded, gun-toting Swat Team!

Come on folks, don’t be shy, you know you love ’em. I mean these burly, masked creatures are in virtually every TV cop show, every disaster movie, and every overseas story from the Middle East. These rugged warriors are America’s all-time champions for projecting our power, pride and purpose. Whereas our national icons were once trappers, hunters, mountain-men, covered-wagon bosses, cowboys, sheriffs, inventors and industrialists….those old icons represent another time and another America. In light of today’s harsher world, perhaps a bit too romantic.

In the new post WWII world, America has become the big guy on the global block…numero uno…the decider. So what better icon can we find for what we’ve become than the swashbuckling Swat Team?

Not that America can afford to be weak in a world full of enemies….but wouldn’t it be nice if our face to the world could once more be Jimmy Stewart rather than Rambo??

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