What's The Last Thing You'll Think About When You Go To Bed Tonight

For 99.99% of Earthlings, the answer to this question is easy. You and I will worry about what problems the next day will bring us. But for the 0.1%, the answer is not easy at all. Because that 0.1% includes presidents, prime ministers, members of congress and parliament, generals, plus assorted Popes, Dali Lamas and guys with their fingers on missile launchers.

Your problems and mine can usually be managed or at least survived; theirs, I’m not so sure! You see, theirs are the collective and often instantaneous problems of the millions of lives for whom they are responsible. I imagine they often hide themselves into their pillow at night asking: “Remind me again, why did I want this job?”

The heady perfume of power must surely fade fast, as our world’s leaders soon take the measure of the problems they have inherited. They have chosen to ride the tiger, but he who does is in for a furiously saddle-less trip that lurches from one extreme to the other. Just about the time you have all the answers, the world changes all the questions….once you find a solid position, the ground under you gives way….as you finally establish some kind of offense, there comes a defense for it.

The spear encountered the horse. the horse, gunpowder. the tank, the bomber. the drone, the placement of civilians around the target. each new boom, the inevitable bust. Straight-line projections about the future never work. Consider the 1900 prediction by the US Patent Office that “humanity has now invented everything that can be.”

So maybe that’s the key to tomorrow! Expect the unexpected. Never say never. Admit your world is a jungle of chaos, not a highway of rest stops. To put that another way, creative ideas are good, but inflexible ideologies not so much. The zealous ideologues in Washington apparently have not gotten the message. The gentle new Pope in the Vatican has…..

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