What Happens At Wrigley Field And The Colosseum At Night

Night, lets remember, is more than simply the absence of day. Night is a unique experience all its sunless own. Things happen at night that happen at no other time. Quiet things, calming things, scary things, profound things. I often think of night as when God visits his Earth.

Last week I was standing outside a closed Wrigley Field after yet another silly sad seasons that is ambitiously called baseball in these parts. Several years ago I was likewise standing outside the closed Roman Colosseum. Only the Colosseum represents a history of victories more than defeats… 2000 years of imperial greatness more than simply another government building…a living testament to both the artistry and cruelty of a civilization. Standing outside Wrigley I felt none of this.

Still, I am one of those people who is drawn to the night and to the monuments of the night. It’s always a pregnant opportunity to commune with what we are usually too busy to look at during the day. Hiding in these monuments are whispers of the near or far past from which we and our civilization come. I sometimes wonder why all our travel tours are during the day, when there is so much more waiting and beckoning us in the night.

You’ll excuse me while I shut down my keyboard, turn off my television set, and kiss Joan a brief goodbye as I stroll out into the night. To have to ask is-that-safe is a question I detest asking. However, Joan will insist, and I can’t argue the point. The night, nay the world itself, has never been entirely “safe” from the beginning. All part of the dangerous glory of being alive.

Besides, I figure God will be out there at night with me….

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