Tune In Skeptically ~ CNN, MSNBC, FOX Have Each Laid An Elaborate Trap For You

The ‘trap’ is the same one you too are in every waking hour of your days. It generally goes by the misnomer ‘democracy.’ But isn’t democracy a good thing? the thing we are always trying to bring to the world? the thing our presidents and rock stars always salute when they end with “God bless America?”

Let me explain my problem with it

In its purest form, democracy is a good thing. It means informed citizens working with enlightened leaders, and that surely is a very good thing. However, In reality democracy has lately come to mean an over-informed citizenry, drowning in facts and stats from a Niagara of Talking Heads on news channels. There are more experts drenching us in more information more times and formats a day than in all the history of mankind. If there is such a thing as too-much-of-a-good thing, this is it.

We’ve got Network news…PBS news…MSNBC news….CNN news…Fox news. With knowledgeable Heads like Brian Williams to glib Heads like Morning Joe to babbling Heads like Michelle Bachmann. If these are America’s smartest-in-the-room, we need to find another room!

One look at the history of our Talking Heads, and the conclusions is fairly imperative. Only one Talking Head in the history of American newscasting ever really changed anything. In 1968, when CBS’s Walter Cronkite told his listeners the war in Vietnam was virtually lost, President Johnson himself admitted: “If we’ve lost Walter, we’ve lost the people!”

Until just one Talking Head on just one news show on just one news channel can have that kind of impact, they’re really just so much noise assaulting a confused citizenry with the attention span of a housefly.

Walter — where are you when we need you?

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