Today's New Woman ~ Losing While Winning

Unlike more structured societies, America is still in a state of constant change. Our innards are not so much marble as yeast. Surely one of the yeastiest stories has been the evolution of women in the last several generations. Perhaps no other culture in the world has seen the long repressed ‘sisterhood’ break loose its anchors, steadily rising from family caretaker to family planner…from dutiful housewife to career-minded executive…from the demeaning title ‘girl’ to the full-throated name ‘woman.’

And while this evolution [revolution?] has often shaken the pride-centers of older men, most younger men see it as a long overdue. But — as with all success stories — there is irony tucked into this one. Two come to mind, altho let me admit the mind in this case is that of a male looking at this from the outside:

* First, when the cultural anchors come loose, not every freed woman is going to rise to the surface as quickly as the others. As always, talent and luck will out. Some women will see their lives as more complete, although they will remain in their comfort zone. Whereas other women will grab hold of their freedom, and soar to the top of their respect heaps, be that in the community, in the company or in the world. So what we have here is a subtle end to the ‘universal sisterhood’ as some sisters achieve more and greater successes. The $300,000 a year woman CEO no longer has that much in common with the $40,000 a year woman sales manager

* The second result flows from the first. The highly accomplished women generally marry highly accomplished men [if indeed they marry at all]. This tends to reinforce the growth of today’s super-class [all those who are college educated, world-traveled, and high-incomed]

What do these patterns predict for our future? Be damned if I know. I just know that my Mother’s world-of-womanhood is over. There was much to it to love; much to regret; but not much to ever be seen again

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