OMG!! ~ Waking Up In The Twilight Zone

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning in a whole new world.

The weather is different….the climate has changed…the geography is no longer the same….your house and neighborhood and local stores all replaced….even the people you knew have been switched so that you don’t quite recognize anyone. As Rod Serling would have said: “You went to sleep in one world and have awakened in an entirely new one. Welcome to the Twilight Zone…”

As traumatic as that would be, perhaps there is an even more traumatic scenario. I’m talking about the one you actually woke up to today. You know, the world this morning which certainly seemed the same as yesterday’s, but as you move through it you are becoming aware something is different.

Frankly, everything is different. At least from the world you knew as a child. And certainly awesomely different than the one I knew as a child. The changes….? Often so subtle they go unnoticed. Something like the dropping temperature in a vat of hot water where they subtly boil lobsters to their death just in time to be served you for dinner.

It’s the difference between revolution [loud and abrupt] and evolution [quiet and gradual]. It mostly has to do with what we call Givens. Those policies and practices which everyone takes for granted….

….like the traditional American passion for the rough & ready individualist [see Clint Eastwood and the NFL for rough & ready details]. Now instead there is this creeping change in the air in which PTA moms are gathering strength in re-educating children to the wisdom of safer more collective ways. Progress to some! the further south you go, un-American to others!

….like the traditional Columbus Days which once celebrated the way the noble white man “discovered” the barbaric red man’s world; which in point of fact we “invaded” [see any good history book for details]

…like the traditional American image of the Middle East as mostly robed caravan Arabs and their American operated oil fields; but whose modern political radicals have now reawakened a 2500 year history of anti-Westernism [see that same history book going back to the invasions of the Middle East by Alexander the Great]

….like those cozy traditional American Givens about hearty bacon& egg breakfasts, rich comfort foods, quick job-recoveries, oh and running the world because after all this is our destiny.

Get the idea?? The oyster that seemed to be our world is no longer looking as good. Of course, there are those desperadoes in our ranks who wrap themselves into the flag and insist we can get-it-all-back. If we just trim down the government, fatten the military and get rid of that Trojan Horse in the White House.

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