If The Devil Is In The Details, Lets Remember The Angel Is In The Agendas

Like you, I’ve belonged to a great number of American institutions and their proud agendas. I was in the Army…a Catholic ….a public school educator…part of a hospital staff…even a mail carrier. Each of these operations has a million-plus membership with enough rules & regs to fill a library shelf. In other words, each of these respected institutions is an indispensable part of any modern society

Their agendas….? Each in their own way, good; even grand. I’m talking about their master plan, their mission, their angel self. Why then is it we seem always to be focused only on the grafty, crafty devil in these agendas? Rather than focus on the nobility of their work, we [whiplashed into a frenzy by the press] prefer the Gotcha Game. You know, uncovering anything that seems wrong, from $5000 toilet seats in the Army, to Las Vegas employee parties in the IRS, to child abuse by some clergy.

No one denies these institutions are imperfect in living up to their agendas. Plenty of devilish details to uncover, and call our sleazy curiosity investigative reporting. But what about their achievements, their better angels? What about the way these large lumbering institutions somehow get the job done, and done well 90% of the time? I mean, if a hitter hit .900 we’d call him the greatest athlete in the game. But when our military, our religions, our schools, our hospitals and a mail service fall short — well there is a national feeding frenzy clucking over their “waste, corruption, graft, and downright un-Americanism.”

A wise man once said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….” Press scrutiny is legitimate, sure, yet who of us can look in the mirror and not drop our stones? Who of us in the press can not do the same? Who ever said those on the outside of such enormously complex agendas has the right to fixate only on the bad when so much good is going on every unreported day?

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