First It's Boehner vs Obama; Now It's Science vs God

As we watch with mixed emotions our two political leaders clash, the Nobel Prize Committee has just reignited a much older clash. The one between Science and God. It’s been going on for at least the last 500 years as humanity has discovered more and more of the secrets to our universe. This month two theoretical physicists were awarded a Nobel prize because of their work with the Higgs Boson.

The scientific details of their ground-breaking work are perhaps lost upon most of us mere mortals, but what leaps off the pages of this research is the name God Particle. The mere mortals in the world press have dubbed this mysterious particle the God Particle, for it seems to have something to do with a higher-power-first-cause at work in space. What…?? Physicists pretty much hate that word…!! they insist they are scientists not theologians, they work with objective facts not religious fantasies.

So there it is. Once more the old old battle between those who find a divinity behind our universe [theologians and believers] and those who find no such thing [astrophysicists and non-believers]. As it turns out, neither can change the other’s mind. Quite frankly, neither has the evidence with which to do it.

In today’s more secular world, very few are being jailed or set on fire for believing or disbelieving. Most neutralists in this debate say something like: “To claim the universe was the result of some celestial God is as unbelievable as claiming it was the result of some cosmic accident in space. It all depends on which fantasy you want to believe.”

Here’s a compromise that might satisfy both > “Something or someone started all this [Big Bang] after which something has driven it [Evolution].” Will such a compromise satisfy….? That’s like asking will Boehner and Obama become best buddies? No, while there is still time to bicker; but Yes, when they at last realize time is running out.

The difference is, politics is a game in which you can keep rolling the dice; in the other case, this is not a game, and you get to roll the dice only once. Tick…tick….tick.

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