'Breaking Bad' Another Reminder There are No Absolutes In Life-- Including This One

The critics have called TV’s ‘Breaking Bad’ a modern morality play. But in the old morality plays of the ancient Greeks and Vatican Middle Ages, there were fixed rights & wrong. Moral absolutes as absolute as the fixed stars in the night sky. In the story of Walter White, he lived by his own rights & wrongs,

If he had been born say a thousand years ago, his life would have been bound on all sides by all kinds of absolutes. Fixed ideas imposed by all the generations that had come before him. On matters of God, religion, family, career, service to country, etc. No one asked you what you believed — they told you what you were to believe. Life — including choice of church, spouse, career — was largely predetermined.

Not anymore. Today we call it majority rule. The majority decides many of its own rights & wrongs. Take for example two current national debates: Climate and concussions. Yes, there are experts in both fields, but no, the majority decides which to use. Some call this democracy; others, madness. If you’re like me, you’re not sure what to call it, because you’re not sure on either subject.

According to inductive reasoning we should be able to find the truth as to both planet climate and NFL concussions. Sorry, but such sound pure reasoning has to take place inside the politically impure, cauldron of countless clashing opinions. There is an equal number of facts, stats, experts and money on both sides of both debates. In essence, this is the way majority-rule democracy operates.

Try this on for size. How comfortable would you be in letting the majority of survivors on a life-raft outvote the advice of an apparently experienced sailor on board….? If you have some absolute answer to that, please let me know as absolutely quickly as you can….!


My October op-ed is in today’s edition of the Chicago Tribune at >> http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/letters/ct-vp-1010-voice-letters-20131010,0,3912613.story

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