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When Bogie Kissed Bergman In 'Casablanca' He hadn't Read This Rerport

What report…? Another of those polysyllabic research papers from some university science department where the 20th C’s interest in probing outer space has been supplanted with the 21st C’s interest in exploring inner space. If the iconic Casablanca lovers had seen this recent Oxford study, they may have been more self-conscious when kissing during their... Read more »

Wheaties Plans On Using A Whole New 'Champion' ~ That's Right, A Swat Team

Okay, I may be wrong about this report, but it strikes me as the only logical next step in their Breakfast-Of-Champions campaign. Here, let me explain…. Many careers ago I worked as a copywriter for the agency that represented Pep Flakes. Pep was the same damn thing as Wheaties, only without the big-names ad campaign.... Read more »

The Robot In Your Bed

For years sci-fi writers have been weaving fantastical tales about robots in our world. For good or for ill. But now it’s official, sci-fi aficianodes, because the New York Times says so. Right there on their recent front pages. However, here’s what bothers me. The developers are talking about an advanced robot “that will be... Read more »

Here's The Only Question With Only One Answer

It may be hard to imagine any such question in such a divided land, but I think you’ll agree this one fits the bill: “Are your parents growing older?” At first glance, it’s obvious our parents are the reason we are here; much of the reason we look, think, behave, even marry the way we... Read more »

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Most everyone recognizes this Confessional Prayer. Catholic or not, most people can relate to the disappointing fact we all fall short. As one priest put it: “None of us is as good as we had hoped to be, but we try; and the trying is called life.” But have you noticed lately…? All 330 million... Read more »

What's The Last Thing You'll Think About When You Go To Bed Tonight

For 99.99% of Earthlings, the answer to this question is easy. You and I will worry about what problems the next day will bring us. But for the 0.1%, the answer is not easy at all. Because that 0.1% includes presidents, prime ministers, members of congress and parliament, generals, plus assorted Popes, Dali Lamas and... Read more »

Who I Wonder Bears The Torches In Your Life

Dying is the least favorite topic among the living. And yet we all know we are fated to die one day. When you think about it, it’s no more morbid than reminding yourself you are fated to fall asleep tonight. Death is the Big Sleep. Regardless of your age, your gender, your ethnicity or your... Read more »

Be Honest My Friends ~ Your Smartphones Are Getting Dumber

It may be sacrilegious to dare such a criticism of Silicon Valley’s latest-and-greatest. But deep down in your pocketbook, you know I’m right. Lately, each new phone edition is simply gilding the lily by adding just enough new fru fru to drive our consumer appetites into another I-gotta-have-it frenzy. However, as for adding something of... Read more »

Today's Multiple Choice Question For ChicagoNow Bloggers

If the median age of ChicagoNow bloggers is 34, what in heaven’s name does an octogenarian blogger have to offer the conversation…? Not much. But then again, here’s a question for you that will probably nudge its way into your upcoming weekend: How much sense does this adage from my generation make to your generation?... Read more »

Chicago's Mayor Daley Has This Stupid-Brilliant Way With Words

If you ever met one of our city’s two Mayor Daleys, you would always count to see if you still had all 10 fingers after shaking their friendly hands. It’s just sorta what any experienced Chicagoan does. Our last Mayor Daley [Richie] was recently asked about some of the corrupt transactions that came down during... Read more »