TV's HomeLand & Blacklist Only Play "D" Not "O"

Have you noticed it too? Team USA is almost always playing Defense these days rather than Offense. Defense as in using our finest resources to defend what we have against those in the Third World who want to take it from us.

Obviously this is the nature of life on our planet. Whether Darwin or the Bible is your source, both state that humanity is forever grabbing what it can, and when it has it then defending it at all costs. Team USA is the planet’s most powerful nation, so it automatically follows we have the most to defend.

Despite all the sound and fury of our defenses — the barrage of movies and television which portray our missiles and drones and secret service agents — in almost every instance these are being marshaled to defend ourselves from the enemy outside the gates. Rarely anymore to charge outside those gates with the battle-cries of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and even W when they asserted that our exceptional democracy was just what the world needed.

After 9/11, some speechwriter gave W the most profound words he ever uttered: “This is the first war of the 21st Century!” And so it has become, with Team USA fighting off all those hungry wolves who want a piece of our hard-won raw meat. But is should be noted that the wolves are not exactly new to the struggle, for the world of the Middle East [AKA, at various times the Turks and Islam] has been in competition with the West [AKA, at various times Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and now the Great Satan] across 2500 years of bloodied history.

What does this 2500 year trajectory tell us…? It tells us “the first war of the 21st century” is in many ways a continuation of east-west wars that have been on and off again for all these centuries. Study Claire Danes, James Spader and the rest of our anti-terror heroes in shows like Homeland and Blacklist. For all their bravery and bluster, they’re mainly playing global defense. Pretty much the final stages of all great teams who have brought an unbroken string of victories to the game.

Still, we haven’t yet heard from the fat lady!

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