The Greatest Movie Of All Time Has Finally Been Found

Hollywood hype has been pitching “the greatest” for generations. The studios have been at it since the 1910s, first with the use of complete story lines….then talkies…then epics….then 3D and Panorama…now computer-generated effects. One hundred years of hype and hustle from La La Land, where Dorothy would probably sigh: “Oh Toto, what we’re looking for was back home all along….”

Back home in this case refers to that spectacular, taken-for-granted movie-of-your-mind. No director, no camera, no crews, no effects have ever been able to match it. Let me explain…..

From the instant we’re tugged from our mother’s body in that antiseptically white delivery room, everything becomes surround-sound technicolor. Our lives quickly gather speed as we grow, encountering scares and thrills; dangers and safety; defeats and victories; all with a circle of family and friends plus a supporting cast of thousands.

All too often take this movie-of-our-mind for granted. A shrug and a “that’s life” is just not enough of a review. Our movie deserves a little more than that. After all, it’s one of a kind in all this world. Which is not to say we need revel in the glory of Me, but we should at least revel in the reality that this Me exists.

What helps make our movie-of-the-mind so special is the way it continues to unspool, reel after remarkable reel. The way we can freeze-frame or re-wind any shot. Its sights and sounds, its actions and emotions, its many little births and deaths that accompany us. There is more than memory at work here; there is also power. The power of re-living and re-examining those long ago sights and sounds.

Psychiatry is about this. So is the confessional. So are the smoky love songs late at night. With just a little shrewd editing, we can re-see the moments that made us who we are; and re0hear the dialog that helped shape our lives. True, some of those sights and sounds will be unbearable, as they were to Scrooge. However, just like Scrooge, they can be liberating.

So welcome, my fellow actors, if you know just how to screen your movie-of-the-mind, tomorrow may become a much brighter day than you were expecting just yesterday.

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