Careful ~ What You Drive Lets The World Know What You Feel

In the great scheme of things, the car you drive is really not that big a deal. Even when the deal comes with a big price tag. I can say this, because to me a car is simply a means of getting from point A to point B. However, to tens of millions, a car is their identity. Their soul. Their statement to the world.

There is a long tradition behind this. For centuries people were judged by the breed of horse they rode. It announced their status in the community. To steal a man’s horse was tantamount to murder, and punished accordingly. The horse was so integral to our lives that when automobiles were invented, we still used terms like ‘horsepower’ to describe them. Cars were now and forever the new status symbol.

Check nighttime television, for 67% of those interminable commercials are for cars. At one time they virtually all came from the car capitol of the universe: Detroit. Now there are many capitols, but still that same status thing. The cars we buy range from beaters to beauties…from functional to fabulous …from Mazda’s to Maserati’s.

There was one occasion when I did buy a classic. A used 1958 gun-metal gray Thunderbird featuring the bold three-taillights, splashes of chrome, and sexy bucket seats. As it turned out, my car apparently communicated the wrong ‘statement’ to some of my female co-workers who suddenly and erroneously saw me as a player. But that chapter belongs in another time.

Let it simply be said that we humans are by and large frail, insecure creatures who often adorn our frailties in the protection of clothes, cars, jewelry and assorted other baubles. In the end, though, the baubles are not us, and we are not the baubles. All we really are is what and who we are…

….which if we do it right, is just enough!

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