Who Owns Your Mind? Ask The New "Washington Post"

Another billionaire just scooped up another national newspaper. Jeffrey Bezos now owns the celebrated ‘Washington Post.’ Giving him access to the minds of hundreds of thousands of readers. And yet some of us are willing to postulate that accessing our own minds is the tougher task.

Think of it this way. We usually react before we think, and we think before we know. It’s the way both the brain and the mind seem to operate. If true, these faculties are very much like saddle-less broncos — more passion than purpose. Meaning those who can best saddle their brains and minds are quite likely the best among us.

This is how Alexandre Dumas’ famous “Count Of Monte Cristo’ operated. Wrongly and cruelly imprisoned for isolated years, he somehow learned to master his thoughts in ways that kept him from going mad. Like the Olympic athlete just before the starting gun focuses, he did the same. Only not for minutes but for decades!

Look at it this way.

Dumas’ hero was able to mentally focus his way beyond the walls of his cell. If it’s true the average person uses only about 10% of their mental capacities, the Count must have been operating at about 70-80%. Not even newspapers as influential as the ‘Washington Post’ can access that much of the readers’ brain and mind. Only each individual reader can.

Which leaves us with this challenge: Can you and I saddle the enormous potential of our thinking enough to become that all-I-can-be mission we all talk about? It’s one of the mottoes of the Navy Seals. Now imagine a world that included more such thinking…..

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