This Just In! God Code Finally Broken! News At Ten!

Ever notice how often God is the subject of so many Facebook and Twitter posts? Second only to chatter about personalities like Hillary Clinton and Lindsay Lohan, God is frequently a hot debate topic. Is he a good guy? a bad guy? a gal rather than a guy? the source of love or hatred, peace or war? In other words, the Social Media finds him/her/it worth talking about.

Which belies the argument that religion has become outdated in the West. Something like Notre Dame football, even if you despise its Hollywood ballyhoo, you can’t help talking about them.

In the case of God, the talk eventually gets around to what are we going to do with this cultural carcass in the midst of the most enormous scientific and technological achievements in human history? Traditionalists hold dear their faith in a supreme deity; modernists tend to say our new science and technology can provide everything humanity needs that uninformed religions and clergy once did. You want to understand why I committed that crime…? Don’t babble on about sin, examine my frontal cortex. You want to fathom the sources of great literature, symphonies, art and theater….? Please, none of that gibberish about “being gifted,” because there is no God to hand out such gifts, only the chance arrangement of a person’s evolved DNA.

To most disputants in the matter, this is an either/or situation. Either Faith explains us best or Reason does. In fact this stubborn code has already been broken by fine minds that have learned how it is not one or the other — religion or science — but more likely both in harmony with one another. Dr Francis Collins Director of the International Genome Project said it best: “Evolution can explain most of the development of humanity with the exception of why it began….that I submit could well have been a supreme first-cause-higher-power….lets call it “evolution by design.”

Doesn’t that help settle the matter….?

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