Rubbing Aladdin's Lamp Might Give Us The Answers, But ~

… but first we have to find the Lamp.

To carry out our metaphor, the lamp humanity needs right now is one universal enough to hold all the answers to all our questions. In effect a one-size-fits-all explanation to our many diverse problems. Including our never-go-away local problems with street crime, drug gangs and political corruption…. our persistent national problems with political gridlock, flawed government agencies and class warfare… our intractable international problems with rival states, rival ideologies and rival weaponry.

Is there any such body of answers, metaphoric or otherwise?

Not likely, for life does not come in one size. Nor do its problems. However, if we were to take the historian’s right to hypothesize, we might make a stand on this thesis: “Every human problem traces back to the problem with humans.”

Hardly original, but hard to argue with. Over the history of humanity it’s been said in countless ways by countless voices. Tribal chieftains, mystics and seers….visionaries, priests and prophets …. lately by computer data, projections and algorithms. “Every human problem traces back to the problem with humans.” Label this original sin, genetic mutations, or otherwise, we all sense we are all part of the problem, and therefore need to be part of the solution.

Who I ask you officially dedicates its entire 24/7 purpose to this cause? Organized religion, that’s who. No one else claims to exist for this one purpose. While the record shows organized religion has been largely a failed purpose, billions still try. For millennium in a god-centered world; in recent centuries in a man-centered world; now in a technology-centered one.

So we end where we began — humanity forever searching for a genie of answers to our problems. Answers that we keep discovering lie mostly within ourselves, because only there is where our problems mostly begin.

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