Let Me Get Into Your Head The Next 24 Hours

I may not warrant the privilege, but let me guess the trajectory of your thoughts between breakfast and bedtime. I suspect it’s fairly universal among our educated West. It begins with you focusing on your physical self…later in the work day on your creative self…at the end of the day back to your physical self.

Goethe liked to say, “With more knowledge comes more doubt.” So the more I get to know this trajectory, the more I may doubt what I know about it. Still, let me try. Which is to say that when we get up in the morning, it’s our physical needs that dominate. Washing our bodies, brushing our teeth, combing our hair, eating a decent breakfast and in general preparing to have the world greet us at our best.

However, as our day moves on we’re caught up in much more than the whiteness of our teeth and the curl of our hair. With the possible exception of Hollywood, we are much more than our bodies. We are also all those things you can’t see in a mirror — our minds, vocabulary, flair, creativity. Goethe also liked to remind us: “There is more in this life that matters than matter.” Frankly it’s at these times when we may actually see ourselves as did the Greeks creating the ineffable Venus and Da Vinci sculpting the magnificent David.

But here’s what I suspect then happens by the end of our day. Likely reading or watching some of today’s popular reports or dramas suggesting not to be fooled. Rather to recognize what most drives and motivates us is still our physical self. For instance our evolved brain lobes, electrical circuitry, DNA codes and genetic material. In the final measure today’s research seems insistent: We are like every other species in our evolving world — simply current matter from out of old primordial matter. Get used to it.

My problem is I can’t…! Neither the ineffable Venus or Magnificent David in me…!

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