If You Could Play God For One Day.....

Everyone would like to play God, even those who don’t believe in Her. Why….? The power. The ultimate power to do and accomplish whatever you wish.

One power people have talked about for centuries is the power to “raise the dead.” When the Bible talks about it, it involves Jesus making a point. When the rest of us talk about it, it usually involves bringing back those we have loved or celebrated or followed when they were alive.

So who would your top four be? I haven’t finalized my list, but here’s a first draft:


In a time when we fuss and bother with such relatively small evils as sexting politicians, credit card hackers, Wall Street cutthroats and the US Senate, what the world needs now is the supreme evil of a supreme monster who absolutely everyone can agree is worth rallying against. History has always seemed to bring out our best in the face of our worst


History has a way of producing great doers in the face of great demons. Today the world has so many small men and women in charge when compared with the London Lion of WWII, Winston Churchill. In the face of total annihilation by Hitler’s hordes, Churchill rallied a nation and half a world to smite this evil. And while the old lion swore and drank like a pirate every day of the war, his growly grit is what the world lacks today


While history’s Churchills glowed in the light of their nobility, Lincoln glowered in the shadows of his torments. A man who bore the personal burdens of depression, military losses and a sundered nation, his public victories became all the greater. Here was a god who was touchable, reachable, so much like us that we have always thought of him as one of us


The celebrated movie director of such classics as ‘A Wonderful Life’ and ‘Mr Smith Goes To Washington,’ Capra was always proud to call his inspirational films, “Capracorn!” If only he were back with us, he might still be inspiring a jaded culture with a brand of corn few remember

That’s my list. What’s yours…???

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