I Say It's Time To Dump Our Newspaper Sports Pages, They're Absurd

Every time I scan the Tribune and Sun Times sports pages I choke up. No, not with tears but with hysterical laughter. Fine writers and photographers being asked to do the dumbest job in all journalism, day after boring day…!

What makes it dumb for me is (1) how they repeat the same uninspired stuff in every damn edition (2) but then how they never get around to using this stuff to raise one of the biggest issues of our age: How long are we going to be able to prevail as a successful democracy? Let me explain myself —

* When I say ‘repeat’ I mean exactly that. How many times can we read the same unoriginal dialog from coaches and players like these patented cliches: “We play them one at a time…” “I don’t worry about my averages, only the team’s averages ….” “We got a great new lineup this season so we should be able to go all the way….” “Coach has everyone working their butt off…” Yeah we’ll miss him, but we’ve still got what it takes…” “No, I never used drugs….” “Leave my wife out of this….”

* When I ask why don’t the sports reporters use their beat to ask about our democracy, here’s what I mean guys. We have been taught and told that democracy is based on free speech. The right for everyone to voice their opinion. Sounds good. But at the very same time you sports writers are always reminding us how tough, whatever-it-takes coaches like a Mike Ditka or Lou Holtz can transform a gaggle of players into a championship squad. So here’s your chance to get really serious. Have you ever thought about comparing say the US Congress [where they never stop using their free speech!] and one of our championship teams [where free speech is proudly replaced with one voice]?

Just asking, fellas…….

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