Here's What's Great About Being A Fair-Weather Fan

Let me begin by asserting that I understand you thousands of rabid Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawk fans in town. I really do, having at some earlier and more tender age been one of you. No, I don’t say I can totally identify with your loyal madness in the stands, but if exploding alternatively with cheers and moans, pride and disgust works for you, who am I– an admitted fair-weather fan — to judge?

But here’s the thing. I come before you to speak the unspeakable and defend the undefendable. In other words to publicly justify why some of us are proud to be known as fair-weather-fans. The explanation is simple. Living in a world of so much everyday pain, why shouldn’t we protect ourselves from the additional pain that can come from living and dying with some team’s schedule? I mean they’re getting paid to live-and-die, but I’m not!

So here’s the contract I’ve worked out with myself.

In the case of my favorite squads — Cubs, Bears, Notre Dame — I make sure I do NOT watch their games from the start. I mean, that’s a couple hours of pitches and errors, passes and interceptions. You call it being a fan. I call it being a masochist; living and dying with each success or failure.

Too much for this frail soul! So instead I usually watch gentler programming on PBS or TMC. Once I know the game is well underway, I occasionally turn back to check the score. If my guys are winning — great, it’s time to watch. If they’re losing — not so great, its back to the other programming.

This then is the joy of true fair-weather-fandom. You enjoy only the good stuff and black out the bad. I ask you, what can be so bad about that…?

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