Change Is In The Air ~ So Quick, Breathe Deep

The experts at NASA have learned a great many truths about our cosmos, of which this is certainly one of the most basic: “The only sure sign of life out there is change.” Meanwhile back here on earth we re-learn this truth, ready or not, every September.

Things change. With these changes so do the rhythms of our everyday lives. As the summer winds down, lazy thoughts of getting away now change back to leaning in. It’s time once again to re-boot your days. Especially if you have kids in school, because now the changes in schedules, in clothes, in attitudes, oh and in ‘safe passages’ can hit the household like a missile. Even if you don’t have school age children, their sudden absence again around the neighborhood is another felt change.

Other changes are happening too as lush green lawns subtly thin and brown. Sunrises come with more bite in the air. Sunsets arrive with greater persistence. Deferred plans for picnics and block parties now have more of a sense of urgency. Why you may even be scheduling furnace checkups, purchasing hot cereals, and checking the closets for those gloves.

Okay, as much as we’d like otherwise, some things never change. Like TV commercials….celebrity headlines… Washington gridlock…cable news shouters…televangelists …crises in the Middle East….the Fall schedule of new sitcoms and reality shows. However, neither does the heart-skipping excitement of kids thinking past their homework assignments to the ebullient days of Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. In a helter-skelter world of unflinching change, the constancy of our childrens’ dreams remains like a harbor in a storm.

Here’s how I see it. Whenever possible it’s a good idea to moor your angst inside that harbor. Not to hide, but to learn. To re-experience what was once yours without even trying. That de-lovely tide of anticipation on which you and I used to ride in the mornings, expecting whatever changes the day brought would be more good than not. So watch the kids. Even in dangerous days like these, most of them have this psychic resiliency that comes free-of-charge with their youth. Watching them, savoring them, you can get in touch with what may have once been your very best self.

What better month to try than golden September?

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