What's This?? Women Having More Affairs And Men Having Less Cars

This simply has to stop!

These radical shifts and turns and reverses in our nation’s statistical fortunes. Maybe we were all better off knowing fewer facts about ourselves. I mean really, how can we maintain a healthy self respect when our statisticians keep rubbing our faces in the fact that we can no longer keep a straight face.

Here’s what I mean. Recently the National Opinion Research Center reported that over the last 20 years American wives having extra-marital affairs have nearly doubled [up to 15% while the number of men admitting affairs remained steady at 21%]. Little reason to think this is a reflection on wives’ morality as much as it is their realization they no longer need marriage to survive as they once did.

But what’s with the new stats about husbands and their historical love affair with the American car?

After 100 years it may be changing. Big time. A century ago the automobile was the cutting edge of American technology and triumph. My own Father came to America with that dream, and made it succeed in great style. But were he here today, he would find an altered set of passions operating between men and their cars.

The number of miles driven in the US has dropped by 9% since its peak in 2005, and among 16-34 year
olds by almost 25%. Why…? Millennials find their excitement and freedom more in smartphones; cars in crowded cities are far less desirable than before.

However, Detroit need not fret, for drivers over 55 are still buying by the millions. Mustangs and Thunderbirds still whet their juices. So maybe it’s true. The young like to move their brains around electronically while the old still have an itch for doing it on the road. My! So very very many differences between the generations. How do we ever communicate and relate with one another….?

Oh wait! We don’t really, do we? Like well lit ships in the night, we pass one another wondering if They are enjoying the journey more than We are. Sometimes looks that way. Hard to really know, however, for once we age and change ships, the trip is never quite the same again.

Now that I think about it, when my generation arrived mid-20th C my parents’ generation must have watched our ship and wondered the same thing. Check your boarding pass — these wonders are all part of the trip!

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