We All Wear Masks But Do You Know What Hides Behind The Last One

Masks are okay. Everyone wears one or two. It’s called civilization, because without them, we stand before our fellow masqueraders as the brutes we really are. Among the many pleasant faces we project among one another, is our most brutish secret. You and I live with a gnawing fear of the very world in which we walk. Usually unexpressed and repressed, it is the primordial fear of the jungle.

As children we see our world as an adventure. As adults we learn its perils, the most elementary of which is the peril of being getting caught up into the jungle. Into those places and people for whom civilized mask-wearing has no place, for this where people function by power not principle. Where they operate with their fists not their fluency.

Think of the last time you drove into a dark city street by mistake….or were caught up in a screaming stadium crowd…or watched a gang of angry kids screeching by you in their juiced-up car…or perhaps that sports bar that turned ugly when young toughs decided to settle their arguments with their hands.

You see, my fellow masked friend, these are the times when our repressed fears of the jungle culture ignite in our faces. Quite suddenly all our education and social niceties are swept aside as we crash into the raw fact that — bottom bottom line — there are only two types of people in this world: The physically strong and the physically weak.

By this definition, criminals are strong, street punks are strong, police and feds are strong, survivalists and special ops are strong, athletes and bodyguards are strong. In contrast, teachers are weak, lawyers are weak, CPAs are weak, authors and poets are weak, mothers and grandmothers are weak.The point….? In the jungle, the more jungle-like someone is, the more power they hold. Something we may hate to admit, but live with so long as WE don’t have to confront that jungle ourselves.

I mean, isn’t that what our police are for? For keeping a lid on the jungle and safe from us? How they do it — legally or brutally — is something we don’t want to know. Just keep us safe so we can continue to wear these civilizing masks. Fortunately, the physically strong and brutish tend to wane over time; whereas time seems to be on the side of the intellectually strong and bright.

For the sake of civilization, at least lets hope so.

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